Doble is an African American singer, producer and song writer that sings and performs in Spanish. He is the first artist in the world not of Latin ethnicity to sing in Latin music genres. Doble is highly respected in the Latin community and is gaining international fame with his unique sound and his strange American accent while continuing to shock the world by singing in a language that he is still learning (Spanish). Although he’s not yet 100% fluent in Spanish, Doble has managed to write, produce and sing beautifully in this incredible language.


Doble grew up in the streets of Detroit, born on May 30, 1987. Drawn to his grandmother’s piano, he became interested in music at a young age. At the age of 6, his mom purchased an electronic keyboard to help him express his creativity. At 7 years old, he taught himself  by ear how to play famous songs such as Beethoven’s “Fur Elise”. He later began creating melodies and songs of his own.

In 2002, Doble began making music on his computer using a program called “Fruity Loops”. While he was new to making music digitally, the rhythm’s and melodies were hardwired into his blood. Doble made a variety of hip hop, R&B and pop beats. His music allowed him to work with several artists from Detroit. He was now actively engaged in the music industry and expanding his reach to new artists across the world. He collaborated with a French artist through the internet and completed a pop project which was a success for btoh Doble and the French singer.  He continued to produce and create music improving his craft even further. Doble learned how to play the guitar and other various instruments to improve the sound, texture and feel of his music. He also learned how to professionally record, mix and master music at Detroit’s School Of Music which he completed in 2008.


In 2010, Doble moved to Atlanta, Georgia and decided to try something different. He began listening to Latin music such as reggaeton and bachata. Not understanding the language, he studied the music and lyrics while trying to sing songs from popular Latin artists such as Daddy Yankee, Wisin y Yandel, Don Amor, Prince Royce and Romeo Santos. Like most Americans, Doble struggled with pronunciation. Though he had help from his Latin friends.

Doble released his first official album in 2014 entitled “Diversity” under his given name “Leo”. The album was a mix of pop and reggaeton in both English and Spanish. The album had little to no promotion other than Soundcloud exposure. His single “Amor Sin Fin” landed as the top song in Latin category for 2 weeks on Soundcloud.

His success came in June 2017 when he released his first music video “Pensamiento”, which gained more than 2 million views on YouTube in under one month. He did not stop there, his second official video “Amor Verdadero” was released in September 2017 gained over 3 million views. These releases greatly increased Doble’s fan base by more than 400,000 fans in 8 different Latin American countries including the United States and Canada.

On December 28, 2017, Doble lost his only child and his life changed forever. He released a song dedicated to his son “Mi Pequeño Regalo ” on January 4, 2018. The song was the most played song in Venezuela and is becoming more popular throughout Latin America. As a result of his recent success, Doble was invited to Los Premios Juventud on July 22, 2018 held Miami. This gave him the opportunity to meet several major Latin artists such as Maluma, CNCO, Jacob Forever, Ozuna and Becky G. As of October 2018, Doble has signed a distribution contract with AWAL / Kobalt Music Group.

Now, apart of the AWAL / Kobalt Music Group roaster, Doble is taking his career to the next level which included relocating to Medellin, Colombia in January 2019. The city has allowed him to not only improve his Spanish, but it has opened up new opportunities for the singer. He is now planning to release his second album in January of 2020 entitled “Cantante Vs Productor”. This album includes hit songs such as DIOSA, LATINAS, RICA AND CHOCOLATE CON MIEL.

Doble has also begun his Lain American tour called “DIOSA TOUR LATINA” which includes countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Argentina and Puerto Rico.


Aside from music, Doble found himself addicted to fitness. Growing up as a “chubby” kid, he had low self-esteem and suffered from depression at an early age. After ending a very painful and difficult married in 2010, Doble was motivated to change his life. Now in Atlanta with a fresh start, he joined the gym which marked the beginning of his fitness journey.

Imagine, a young man at the age of 21 years old moving to a different part of the country, alone with no friends, no family and no money. A risk he was willing to take to get a second start at life. Not knowing much about fitness, Doble did research online about proteins, meal plans and workout routines. He started little by little and as time went on, Doble lost more than 40 lbs in the first 6 months of moving to Atlanta. The gym became his home, a way to escape the world and his problems. He started training 3 times a week, then 4, then 5, until it became an every day routine. For Doble, the gym is like brushing his teeth in the morning, a necessary routine.

Doble has participated in only a few bodybuilding competitions. In 2012, he won 1st place for best amateur physique in the amateur competition. He went on and competed in various other bodybuilding competitions taking 2nd and 4th place. He has been featured in various articles, blog posts and magazines throughout the years. Doble still trains every day and is constantly pushing himself and his body, although he no longer competes. Fitness is his life, his freedom and it will be apart of him until the end. Doble plans to release a series of workout motivation videos to help motivate his fans and millions of others to live a healthier lifestyle and encourage fitness.

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