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About Doble

“Doble” born Leo Henry Wilson in Detroit, MI on May 30, 1987, is the first African-American singer to sing in Latin music genres. Doble is highly respected in the Latino community and is gaining international fame with his unique sound and his strange American accent while continuing to shock the world by singing in a language other than his first.


The success of Doble began when he released his first music video “Pensamiento”, which obtained more than two million views on YouTube. This was a huge milestone as most artists never reach more than one million views let alone with their first official music video. He did not stop there, his second official video “Amor Verdadero” was released in September 2017 and obtained more than 3 million views. The release greatly increased Doble’s fan base by more than 200,000 in only 6 months (as of 2020 the artist has more than 600,000 fans worldwide).

On December 28, 2017, Doble released a song dedicated to those whom lost their child entitled, “Mi Pequeño Regalo “. The song was later re-released under AWAL Recordings. This single was one of the most played songs in Venezuela of 2018 and is still popular throughout Latin America. As a result of his recent success, Doble was invited to Los Premios Juventud on July 22, 2018 held Miami, FL. This gave him the opportunity to meet several popular Latin artists such as Maluma, CNCO, Jacob Forever, Ozuna and Becky G. In October 2018, Doble signed a distribution contract with AWAL Recordings / Kobalt Music Group.


During the COVID-19 world pandemic of 2020, Doble recorded and released his first English pop single entitled “I’m Ready”, a tribute to those lost in the battle of the deadly virus COVID-19. The song found success with his mouth-dropping music video on Youtube. In May 2020, he released another hit English pop single “Desperation For 2” which featured an 80s style pop theme and falsetto vocals in both English and Spanish. July 2020 stunned the world with the release of “Sin Fin”, a Spanish romantic song featuring his Colombian wife “La Diosa” (Yulis Paternina). The single gained more than 150,000 views in less than 48 hours. This makes it his most successful single yet to date. The song features astounding rich harmonic vocals from Doble and smooth emotional vocals from La Diosa. Backed with a warm ”Mozart” feel piano and dramatic cello and violin melodies, this song is on the verge of taking Doble’s career to another level.

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