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The phenomenally successful African-American Reggaeton and Bachata singer, producer, songwriter, mixing and mastering engineer, Doble, is the first non-Latino artist to sing, produce and write songs in Spanish. Born, “Leo Wilson” on May 30, 1987 to African American Parents in Detroit, MI.

Many people believe that Doble is Latino with a Puerto Rican or Dominican background. This is not true. Doble is African American with no Latino ethnicity. He is the first non-Latino to become successful in the Latin music genres.

Doble decided to move to Atlanta, GA in early 2010. Doing so allowed him to experience the Latin culture, music and language due to Atlanta’s diversity which is nonexistent in Detroit. Though still not 100% fluent in Spanish, Doble has managed to write, produce and sing beautifully in this amazing language.

In 2012, Doble began singing Reggaeton and Bachata. He received help from many of his Latino friends with pronunciation and translations. Early 2017, Doble released his first “Hit” single called “Pensamiento”. The song gained over 1 million views on Youtube within the first month of its release helping to introduce “Doble” as not only a Reggaeton artist, but as a very skillful producer capable of performing songs in a language other than is first, English.

Doble has written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered every song he has made to date.

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